[物理补习之前必看10点]十个选择 phy补习 , 补physics , 补习物理 的注意事项

[10 points must be read before choosing physics tuition] Ten considerations of phy tuition , supplement physics , tuition physics

[10 points must be read before choosing physics tuition] Ten considerations of phy tuition , supplement physics , tuition physics 


In addition to studying physics in school, many students want to hkdse Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education physics get better results in the examination of the, I want to apply for after class physics courses, but there are so many choices on the market. How to choose the right tutor for the candidates? What are the necessary things to pay attention to? Ten points are shared with you today!


1 Physics tutor qualifications

The first thing to talk about is the qualifications of the instructor. The qualifications of the instructor are divided into two directions. The first instructor’s own subjects studied in the university, such as physics major or applied physics or material physics, etc., the instructor of the junior college Tutors majoring in other universities have a broader level of knowledge and a better understanding of the causes and consequences that have been seen. They will have a more comprehensive understanding of student learning. In addition to knowledge, the tutor’s public test scores must also reach a certain level. For example Grade b or above five or above, to prove their familiarity and knowledge of the exam.exams,



2 Student‘s past performance

can be known through the students’ scores and comments in the public which types of students have taken classes, and the students will leave a message for the tutor Is it a detailed explanation? How does the instructor help the students in teaching? You can also analyze in detail whether you have similar experiences and abilities, and choose more suitable for your own grades. physics tutoring that is



3 Reputation of tutor and school

In addition to the information posted by the tuition agency or the teacher, Enrolling students can also objectively know this from various physics tuition teacher sources the relevant information of, including searching the reputation and word of mouth of the tuition teacher on the Internet. In addition, if any students are already enrolling in this physics tuition, they can also ask the students who are enrolling. The teacher’s opinions and suggestions.



4 Class size

class The number of students class will directly affect the time for direct interaction between the tutor and classmates. Individual classes can communicate directly to reduce fear of ugliness. Small classes are more suitable for students who are not brave enough to ask questions. But I also want to hear the interaction between the tutor and the classmates, so as to learn how to ask and talk about similar questions to themselves. The teacher can also ask each classmate one by one in class to ensure that they really follow the progress before continuing the class. It is not like the relatively independent accusation ability of the big class tutoring club.


5 teaching mode

After receiving relevant information, thewill probably know the teaching policy of the tutoring club or the tutor and the level of the classmates. Notes. Whether all aspects are suitable for you, such as yourself Students with weak learning ability or weaker abilities may be more suitable for individuals or small classes. If you feel that you have a certain degree of self-study ability, but you only need test skills and essential notes, you can consider thelarge tuition agencyphysics video course of a.


6 Quiz and exam,

some students are more focused on whether the cram school provides regular exams. I hope that the tutor can correct their own exam papers after class to know whether they are following the progress, rather than just class.


7 Leave arrangement

attending the Extracurricular activities or tutoring may need to change the time. If the tuition agency has a better tuition system, I believe it will be very convenient for the students who apply for it. For example, you can transfer to another class or use zoom to class or watch back to class at home Video.


8 The transportation is convenient.

If the transportation is convenient, you can save a lot of time to study. Take a break or other extracurricular activities, so when choosing a, it is recommended to choose athat is more convenient to the subway or bus station tutoring centertuition center


9 Administrative arrangements

Due to the epidemic situation, many students have switched to online classes, and the school schedule may not remain the same for a long time. Therefore, flexible classroom arrangements and fast responses will be better.


10 General fees and

charges are also one of the very important considerations. The tuition service has a wide range of fees. The most expensive one is generally for individual classes, about 400 mosquitoes per hour, large tutoring houses about 100 to 200 yuan per hour, and group classes between the two are about 200 degrees and 300 per hour. .


11 Physics Trial class

tutoring is the teaching and learning of both the tutor and the student. Even if the tutor is said to have a good evaluation in teaching, it will ultimately be determined by the actual teaching and learning of the student and the teacher, so if there is Trying out will be better for both parties.

Ver 2 physics [物理补习之前必看10点]十个选择 phy补习 , 补physics , 补习物理 的注意事项 除咗学校学习物理之外,很多同学都想喺香港中学文凭试hkdse 物理科考取更佳成绩,都想在课后的时间报读 物理课程,但是市面上的选择繁多,究竟如何选择合适考生的导师?究竟要注意边几项必要事项呢?今日同大家分享十点啦! 1补习物理物理导师资历 第一样要讲慨就系导师慨资历,导师资历分开两个方向第一个导师本身的在大学修读的科目,如物理主修或是应用物理或者物料物理等等,专科专教的导师会比一般其他大学主修的导师,有更广阔的知识水平,更能了解整个看过的前因后果对学生学习有更全面的讲解认知,除了知识外导师的公开试成绩也需到达一定水平例如b级或以上五级或以上,证明自身对考试的熟悉度和知识. 2学生往绩 透过学生在公开试的成绩和评论,就可得知有哪一类同学上过课,同学留言导师是否详尽讲解?导师在教学上如何帮到学生?亦都可详细分析自己是否都有相似经历和能力,拣选更适合自身成绩的 物理补习 3口碑声誉 除咗补习社或者老师登出的资料以外,报读的学生也可从多方客观知道这个物理补习老师 的相关资讯,包括搜查这个补习老师在网上的声誉和口碑,另外如果有同学已经在报读这个物理补习也可问问报读的同学对这位老师的意见和提出的建议. 4 上课人数 班上的人数会直接影响到导师和同学直接互动的时间,个人班可以直接交流,减少怕丑的情况,小班比较适合不勇于发问的同学,但又想听到导师同同学之间的互动,从而学习到如何发问和讲到自己类似的问题,老师亦可在课堂上逐一问每位同学问题以确保他们真的跟到进度才继续上课,而不像系大班补习社比较独立的指责能力. 5教学模式 在得到相关资讯后,大约就知道这间补习社或者导师的教学方针,同学的程度.笔记.各方面是否适合自己,例如说自己的学习能力或者自身能力较弱的同学,可能比较适合个人或者 真人小班,如果觉得自己有一定的自习能力,只是需要考试上的技巧和精华笔记的话可以考虑大型补习社的物理录影课程. 6测验考试 有些同学比较着重于补习社是否定期提供测验考试,希望导师可以在课堂后批改自己的考试卷,知道自己是否跟到进度,而不是只是上堂听完课就算. 7请假安排 好多同学都会有参加课外活动或补习,可能需要改动时间,如果补习社一个更好的补堂系统,相信对报读学生亦都会十分方便,例如话可以调去另一堂上或是用zoom上课或是在家看回课堂录影. 8 交通便利 如果交通便利的话可以,节省很多时间空出来的时间可以温习.休息或进行其他课外活动,所以挑选补习社的时候比较建议挑选交通比较便利近地铁站或巴士站的 补习中心 9 行政安排 由于疫情关系,很多同学改上网上课堂,学校时间表亦未必长期保持一样,所以灵活的安课堂安排和快速的回覆会比较好. 10一般收费 收费亦是其中一个十分重要的考量,在补习服务方面收费范围较为广阔,最贵的普遍来说是个人上课,大约四百蚊一小时,大型补习社大约100至200元一小时,小组班介乎两者之间大约200度300一小时. 11 物理phy试堂 补习是导师和学生双方的教与学,就算外边说这位导师教学上有不错的评价,但去到最终都是以学生和老师实质的教与学决定,所以如果有试堂的话对双方都会较好.

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